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For over 50 years, the Internship for Humane Studies has supported students, scholars, and future opinion leaders passionate about the ideas of free enterprise and individual liberty. We'd like to help you!




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Summer Seminars

Spend a week learning about classical liberal ideas, such as individual rights and free markets, and applying these ideas to topics in history, economics, philosophy, law, and poli sci. 

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 Humane Studies Fellowships

Awards of up to $15,000 for 
graduate students 
embarking on liberty-advancing
careers in ideas.

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Charles G. Koch Summer Fellow Program

A paid public policy internship program that includes two policy seminars and weekly lectures. Choose from 80 state and federal policy organizations.

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Weekend Exploring Liberty

Examine the historical, economic, and philosophical foundations of a free society and how these principles apply to contemporary issues. 

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IHS Journalism Internship Program

Paid journalism internships plus a weeklong journalism workshop. Past hosts include 20/20, the Orange County Register, Reason.TV, and Fox. 
Fall, spring, and summer.  

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Job Boards
Kosmos – Meet other academics
LearnLiberty – Videos and Learning Paths 

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