Liberty & Current Issues: Connecting Libertarian Ideas to Public Policy (July 2 - 8, 2011)

An intense, interdisciplinary exploration of the ideas underlying libertarian policy. Open to select Cato internship applicants by invitation.

July 2–8, 2011 ● Catholic University, Washington, DC

Discover the economic, historical, and philosophical roots of libertarian ideas and the principles upon which sound public policy is built. Evaluate solutions to current challenges using a dynamic framework that utilizes the power of markets and preserves individual rights. Improve your understanding of how governments work and your ability to analyze proposed policies. Hear top academic faculty shed new light on contemporary debates using economic, legal, and philosophical arguments. Learn how Cato policy scholars are promoting solutions to important questions on the national agenda such as U.S. foreign policy, taxation, and monetary policy.

Who can attend? The seminar is open to select Cato internship applicants. If selected, applicants will receive an invitation via email by March 20. Any other students or recent graduates interested in this seminar are encouraged to consider our 12 other free summer seminars on liberty. Find out more or apply by March 31 at

Participation is free! Through the generosity of donors, Cato and IHS are able to offer the seminar for free. Lectures, housing, meals and books are provided; participants only pay for their own travel.

The seminar will take place on the campus of Catholic University in Washington, DC. During the afternoon breaks, you’re bound to find a pickup game of Frisbee football or you can just relax. The afternoon and evening of one day of the seminar is free for exploring Washington, DC.