Law Scholars Conference

The Law Scholars Conference brings together a small group of leading law students who are interested in academic careers in the law. In addition to engaging with current research about the relationship between liberty and law, students learn about what kinds of experience and scholarship are expected to secure a job and get tenure at law schools today.

"The support I received really helped me succeed in school, advance my career goals, and promote liberty. I am grateful for the help IHS gave me, and for helping law students everywhere." - James Ho, University of Chicago Law School

Participation in the Law Scholars Conference is by invitation only. Request information on other IHS programs that are open to application.

Past Faculty

  • Marcus Cole, Stanford Law School
  • Richard Epstein, University of Chicago Law School
  • Nicole Garnett, Notre Dame University School of Law
  • Andrew Morriss, Case Western Reserve School of Law
  • Eugene Volokh, UCLA Law School
  • Todd Zywicki, George Mason University Law School

Past Participants

  • Professors at Vanderbilt University, George Mason University, and the University of Michigan
  • Policy analysts in environmental law and trade regulation
  • Public interest litigators at groups like the Center for Individual Rights
  • Attorneys who take pro bono work for groups like the Institute for Justice
  • Several current and future clerks for Supreme Court Justices
  • A Federal Election Commissioner