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More than 80 organizations participate in the Koch Summer Fellow Program. Identify four that match your interests and career goals, then apply. The list of organizations will be updated throughout the fall, so please check back. 

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National Taxpayers Union Foundation

(Alexandria, VA) Established in 1977, National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF) was founded as a public research and education organization dedicated to collecting data, analyzing information, and informing the public on matters of fiscal and economic policy. NTUF is the research affiliate of the National Taxpayers Union. NTUF's work examines policies at the federal, state, and local levels, using a variety of means such as research papers, major research programs, studies by adjunct scholars, public speaking, email, advertising, and the Internet. Interns will conduct legislative research, assist with other research tasks and projects and perform other administrative tasks. Applicants should possess basic quantitative skills and general research skills.

Economic Policy, Government Reform, Heath / Welfare, Social Security, Tax Policy
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Other Liberal Arts
Nevada Policy Research Institute

(Las Vegas, NV) The Nevada Policy Research Institute is a free-market policy research organization that focuses on state and local government issues regarding taxes, education, and government transparency. Interns work on the Institute's government transparency project,, by assembling state and local financial statements and transferring data into searchable databases that can be placed on the website. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to provide written analyses of the compiled data for publication on the website's blog as well as provide guides for how to obtain information on the website's wiki page. Candidates should be familiar with Microsoft Excel, possess basic quantitative analysis skills, and have a keen eye for detail.

Economic Policy, Education, Energy, Environment, Government Reform, Gun Control / 2nd Amendment, Heath / Welfare, Labor / Immigration, Regulation, State Policy, Tax Policy
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Journalism, Law, Other Liberal Arts
North Dakota Policy Council

(Bismarck, ND) NDPC is a liberty-based think tank focused on North Dakota solutions to North Dakota’s problems. We provide credible nonpartisan expertise and research to help North Dakotans advocate policies that are based on individual liberty, individual responsibility, and limited government. The NDPC seeks to broaden policy debates beyond the belief that government intervention should be the avenue of first, rather than last, resort. The NDPC focuses on state issues by working independently and by collaborating with like-minded state and national organizations. Our goal is to provide North Dakota’s political, business, academic, community, and media leadership with sound, non-partisan analysis of issues confronting our state. We approach issues from a limited government, individual liberty, and individual responsibility perspective.

Economic Policy, Education, Energy, Environment, Regulation, State Policy, Tax Policy
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Other Liberal Arts, Sciences
Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

(Oklahoma City, OK) OCPA's mission is to accumulate, evaluate, and disseminate public policy ideas and information for Oklahoma consistent with the principles of free enterprise, limited government, and individual initiative. Primary issues of focus are tax reform, education choice, lawsuit reform, and maintaining personal choice in healthcare. Interns will mainly research and write on pertinent issues and will spend some interacting with the state legislature and key opinion leaders.

Economic Policy, Education, Government Reform, Heath / Welfare, Regulation, State Policy, Tax Policy
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Journalism, Law, Other Liberal Arts, Sciences
Pacific Research Institute

(Sacramento, CA or San Francisco, CA) The Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy champions the principles of individual freedom, opportunity, and personal responsibility through a focus on public policy issues such as education, the environment, health care, entrepreneurship, regulation, and technology. The Institute strives to foster a better understanding of the principles of a free society among leaders in government, academia, the media, and the business community. Interns will mainly help with research on scholars' projects, write expository essays pursuant to scholars' research projects, and spend a small amount on administrative tasks. Advanced undergraduates, recent graduates, and graduate students are preferred.

Economic Policy, Education, Energy, Environment, Government Reform, Heath / Welfare, Tax Policy
Business, Economics, Journalism
Pelican Institute for Public Policy

(New Orleans, LA) The Pelican Institute for Public Policy is a nonprofit research and education institution that conducts scholarly research and analysis of Louisiana public policy. The Institute's mission is to advance sound policies based on the principles of free enterprise, individual liberty, and limited government. Institute staff pursues this mission by conducting timely research on important issues and then marketing the findings to elected leaders, the media, business leaders, community organizations, and individual citizens. Interns assist with research, writing, and event planning in all of the Institute's activities. Strong writing and research skills are a must.

Education, Energy, Heath / Welfare, Tax Policy
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Journalism
Pioneer Institute

(Boston, MA) Founded in 1988, Pioneer Institute is a non-partisan public policy think tank committed to keeping Massachusetts economically competitive and to strengthening the core values of an open society. To inspire market-driven policy reforms, Pioneer promotes individual freedom and responsibility and limited, accountable government. The Institute has changed the intellectual climate in Massachusetts by commissioning timely and rigorous academic studies from leading scholars. Pioneer also injects new ideas into the public debate through forums and lectures, transcripts, the media, and outreach to legislators, business groups and the general public. Interns will collect and analyze, write and edit documents, provide support for Pioneer's Middle Cities Initiative, and pitch in with clerical projects in the office. Ideal interns will have coursework or experience in specific areas of state-level policy studied by the Institute.

Economic Policy, Education, Environment, Government Reform, Heath / Welfare
Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Journalism, Other Liberal Arts
Platte Institute for Economic Research

(Omaha, NE) The Platte Institute is a non-partisan research organization with a mission to advance public policy alternatives that foster limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise for Nebraska. This is accomplished by conducting unbiased research and publishing studies, reports, commentaries, editorials, and other media products to a broad audience across Nebraska. Interns will perform research and data analysis, prepare reports and commentary drafts, assist in publication management, and assist in donor management activities. They will also work on the Institute's growing transparency in government effort and at least one other project related to tax policy. Some coursework in economics, government, or public policy is required. Some experience living in the Midwest and knowledge of Nebraska government is preferred.

Economic Policy, Education, Environment, Heath / Welfare, Regulation, State Policy, Tax Policy
Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Other Liberal Arts
Showing 61-70 of 94