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More than 80 organizations participate in the Koch Summer Fellow Program. Identify four that match your interests and career goals, then apply. The list of organizations will be updated throughout the fall, so please check back. 

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Freedom Foundation of Minnesota

(Minneapolis, MN) The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota is an independent, nonprofit educational and research organization that actively advocates the principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, economic freedom, and limited government. They accomplish their mission by conducting and publishing original studies, hosting educational conferences, and by working aggressively to promote the message of limited government and economic freedom among traditional and new media. Intern duties include: research and communications work relating to local/state government transparency project; basic maintenance and quality assurance on FFM website and forthcoming transparency website; assisting with FFM Bulletin, an e-update featuring original research and writing on Minnesota policy; assisting with special events; and assisting with FFM's investigative journalism program, if needed.

Criminal Justice, Economic Policy, Education, Energy, Government Reform, Heath / Welfare, Regulation, Science Policy, State Policy, Tax Policy, Technology / Telecommunications
Business, Journalism
Galen Institute

(Washington, DC) The Galen Institute is a nonprofit public policy research organization devoted exclusively to advancing free-market ideas in health policy. We work to promote a more informed public debate over ideas that support innovation, individual freedom, consumer choice, and competition in the health sector. The Galen Institute has been and remains on the cutting edge in providing ideas and studies to educate the public, opinion leaders, and legislators about the dangers of further government control over our health sector and the benefits of putting consumers in charge of making decisions about the health coverage that is best for them and their families.

Heath / Welfare, Tax Policy
Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Sciences
George C. Marshall Institute

(Arlington, VA) The Marshall Institute is dedicated to fostering and preserving the integrity of science in the policy process. The Institute conducts technical assessments of scientific developments with a major impact on public policy and communicates the results of its analyses to the press, Congress and the public in clear, readily understandable language. Its emphasis is public policy and national security issues primarily involving the physical sciences, in particular the areas of missile defense and global climate change. Interns with quantitative or scientific skills who seek to apply those skills to policy relevant problems would be most desirable. No specific qualifications are required other than the ability to assemble research materials and draft written products of varying lengths (akin to term papers).

Energy, Environment, Foreign Policy / International Relations, Science Policy
Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Sciences
Georgia Public Policy Foundation

(Atlanta, GA) The Georgia Public Policy Foundation's mission is to be the most respected and influential source of public policy research, analysis and education in Georgia. The Foundation is a champion of personal and economic freedom and is committed to providing a free market perspective based on the principles of limited government, respect for the lives and property of others, and responsibility and accountability for one's actions. To accomplish this mission, GPPF produces factual, high-quality research, markets free-market ideas, holds public events, and briefs policy leaders. Interns research and write on policy issues studied by the Foundation, meet with Board members and issue experts, and help with Foundation events. Experience, interest or expertise in one of GPPF's issue areas is ideal.

Education, Heath / Welfare, Tax Policy
Goldwater Institute

(Phoenix, AZ) The Goldwater Institute works to broaden the parameters of policy discussions to encourage consideration of policies consistent with the founding principles of free societies. The Goldwater Institute works on behalf of Arizonans to keep watch on government and to expand school choice, restore economic liberty, protect private property, and affirm Arizona's independence against unconstitutional federal encroachments through research, education, and litigation. At this large, state-based think tank, interns are assigned one substantive research project for the duration of their internship in a subject area in line with the intern's areas of interest and the Institute's research needs. Every intern is also assigned to either the development or communications team to give interns an accurate view of what a think tank does beyond research. All interns should have completed two years of college. Ideal candidates have excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills and are proficient with Microsoft Office software.

Free Speech / First Amendment / Campaign Finance, Heath / Welfare, Regulation, State Policy
Hudson Institute

(Washington, DC) The Hudson Institute is a nonpartisan policy research organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity, and freedom. We challenge conventional thinking and help manage strategic transitions to the future through interdisciplinary and collaborative studies in defense, international relations, economics, culture, science, technology, and law. Through publications, conferences, and policy recommendations, we seek to guide global leaders in government and business. Interns spend their time researching, analyzing, and writing about public policy issues.

Economic Policy, Education, Energy, Environment, Foreign Policy / International Relations, Heath / Welfare, International Trade, Labor / Immigration, Law (intern), Regulation, Religion & Liberty, Science Policy, Technology / Telecommunications
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci
Idaho Freedom Foundation

(Boise, ID) The Idaho Freedom Foundation is a nonprofit educational and research organization that develops and advocates the principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, private property rights, economic freedom, and limited government. The Foundation’s mission is to keep Idaho free by generating research and data on key issues and recommending the findings to opinion leaders, policymakers, media and the citizens of Idaho. IFF seeks ambitious students who would like to sharpen their writing, debating, researching, media and event-organizing skills, and learn more about state and local government. If you have a strong interest in political science, public policy, economics, business, history, English, journalism or communications, we encourage you to apply for an internship today. The ideal intern has above-average writing and/or editing skills and a basic understanding of current events. A valued quality is an appreciation for — and understanding of — individual liberty, the free market, property rights, and limited government. Intern responsibilities may include: writing for publication, light public policy research, administrative tasks, editing Idaho Freedom Foundation publications, and event planning.

Economic Policy, Government Reform, Journalism, Regulation, State Policy
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Journalism, Other Liberal Arts
Illinois Policy Institute

(Chicago, IL) The Institute's mission is to transform liberty principles into marketable policies that become law. They do this through a three phased program of execution: 1) Great policy output based upon the political realities and topical issues; 2) Marketing-driven content that is compelling and persuasive for different audiences; 3) Outreach to our targeted audiences through a variety of channels to effect public policy decisions. Interns conduct research on issues studied by the institute, write and blog, and spend  a limited amount of time on office management duties. Candidates must be experienced in research and writing and must be capable of somewhat autonomous and entrepreneurial work from day one. Event planning, graphics skills and video skills are all desirable but not required.

Economic Policy, Education, Energy, Environment, Government Reform, Heath / Welfare, Labor / Immigration, Regulation, State Policy, Tax Policy
Business, Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Journalism, Law, Other Liberal Arts, Sciences
Independence Institute

(Golden, CO) The Independence Institute is one of the nation's original state-based think tanks and is Colorado's oldest and most respected free market, public policy, nonprofit institution. Their mission is to find real-world, free-market solutions to public policy issues in the areas of education, fiscal policy, individual liberty, transportation, housing, government reform, property rights, the environment, and criminal justice. After careful research, they promote those solutions through research papers, op-eds, radio, television, podcasts, a website, and events.  Interns will conduct research for a director of one of the Institute's eight research centers, write op-eds and other pieces, and assist with the Institute's events. Assignments often result in publications, such as op-eds, articles, issue backgrounders, or issue papers. Interns are especially needed in the areas of health care, second amendment rights, individual liberty, and K-12 education. On your application, please indicate which center(s) you would prefer to work with.

Education, Energy, Gun Control / 2nd Amendment, Tax Policy
Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Journalism, Law
Independent Women's Forum

(Washington, DC) IWF’s mission is to rebuild civil society by advancing economic liberty, personal responsibility, and political freedom. IWF fosters greater respect for limited government, equality under the law, property rights, free markets, strong families, and a powerful and effective national defense and foreign policy through our public policy research, commentary, and events. IWF also appeals directly to the public by regularly appearing on mainstream media outlets. Interns perform policy research for IWF scholars, write commentaries for the IWF website and Inkwell blog, write op-eds, and assist with IWF events.

Criminal Justice, Economic Policy, Education, Energy, Environment, Foreign Policy / International Relations, Government Reform, Grassroots Activism, Heath / Welfare, International Trade, Labor / Immigration, Law (intern), Regulation, Social Security, Tax Policy, Technology / Telecommunications
Economics, Government / Poli Sci, Law, Other Liberal Arts
Showing 31-40 of 94