IHS Values

At IHS we are working for a better future—a future of greater freedom, opportunity, and well-being. That future will be created by intelligent and motivated people who are dedicated to the principles of a free society, and every one of us plays an important role in cultivating a rising tide of these dynamic agents of social change. This is the IHS mission, and this is the banner that we expect every team member to rally behind.

Our culture is inextricably linked both to the success of our mission, and to the personal fulfillment of our colleagues. The values that we hold up as exemplars of that culture are both what we aspire to be and, as significant, standards for individual conduct by which we will measure ourselves and each other. We own these values.

We Are Curious.

We value ideas and cherish the intellect. We strive for learning and growth, and look to multiple sources of learning, internally and externally. Because we are curious, we value opposing views and welcome both challenges and the challenger alike. We understand that we never have “the answer” ourselves, and that humility and mutual respect are the key to our personal success and the success of our mission.

We Are Accountable.

We commit to and measure results. We are solution-oriented. We learn from failure, celebrate success, and take ownership of both. Because we are accountable, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of continuous progress, and we are conscientious stewards of the trust and resources invested in us.

We Are Responsible.

We insist on personal integrity, lawful behavior, and open, honest communication at every level of IHS and with those we engage externally. We will prosper by sharing knowledge, behaving ethically, and helping each other. Because we are responsible, we keep our promises, we value transparency, and we extend and expect goodwill.

We Are Enterprising.

We have a bias for action. We are proactive, looking for opportunities to improve ourselves and our work, to fill gaps, and to support our colleagues and allies. We experiment with new approaches, learn and adapt best practices, and optimize roles based on individual strengths. Because we are enterprising, we constantly evaluate the status quo, appreciating what works, yet committed to discovering what may work better.