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Uploaded documents should be in standard word processing or graphics formats, such as *.pdf, *.rtf, *.doc, or *.jpg. If you do not have electronic versions of the documents, mail them to: IHS Journalism Internship Program, 3351 Fairfax Dr, MSN 1C5, Arlington, VA 22201. Do not send any superfluous materials such as diplomas, certificates, or letters of recommendation.

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Attn. IHS Journalism Internship Program
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3351 Fairfax Dr, MSN 1C5
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fax: 703.243.8442

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  • Politics
  • Public Interest Law
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List five intellectual figures or books that have most influenced you and a single sentence for each stating how it has influenced your thinking on public affairs. Please do not include family members, pets, or coaches.

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It is a good idea to type your essay (and save it) in a text editing program, then cut and paste the text into the boxes below. Do not cut and paste from Microsoft Word; use a plain text editor such as Windows Notepad instead. You should also periodically click the "Save for Later" button below, to prevent losing your data for any reason.

Please limit your essays to 500 words or less.
Essay #1 *
What do you hope to gain by working as an intern through the IHS Journalism Internship program? How will an IHS internship help you achieve your career goals? Please limit your response to 500 words.

Essay #2 *
What is the most critical threat to liberty? How could this threat be reduced or elminated? (200 words).

Essay #3 *
Compare and contrast the freedom of the press with the freedom to engage in trade and commerce. (500 words).


Please provide additional information about your qualifications for the program, such as prior journalism experience. (500 words).


Please upload copies of up to 10 of your best published writings, such as articles, reviews, op-eds, editorials, or essays. Your clips must include the publication’s name and date. All writing samples must have been originally published in English. Published works are strongly preferred, but unpublished works are acceptable as well.

If you were unable to load any of your articles, please mail them by November 15, in ONE envelope, to:
Attn. Journalism Internships
Institute for Humane Studies
3351 Fairfax Dr, MSN 1C5
Arlington VA 22201
Fax: 703.993.4890

Paper copies of your work are acceptable; electronic copies are preferred.


Indicate your internship preference
Select one:  Print, Broadcast, New Media, Investigative Journalism

Please rank the following assignment options from 1-5, with 1 being your top choice, and 5 your least favorite assignment. (Print Journalism only)
- Opinion
- Special Projects
- Investigative
- Features
- Hard News


Indicate the dates you are available to intern. If you have already secured an opportunity but require funding, indicate the dates the opportunity is available to you.


Please provide two references that can speak about your qualifications for the IHS Journalism Internship Program. We prefer one reference who can speak to your professional qualifications and another for your academic qualifications. We do not require letters of recommendation.

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Journalism Internship Program

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Spring, 2014November 15                          

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