Humane Studies Fellowships

The deadline to apply for the 2014 Humane Studies Fellowship has passed. Applicants will be notified of their status by May 1.

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The Humane Studies Fellowship is a non-residency fellowship program that awards up to $15,000 per year. Moreover, it provides individual advising and an extensive support network to help ensure academic success before and after you receive your degree.

Is the Humane Studies Fellowship right for me?
Is it right for me?
  • The fellowship is open to current or prospective full-time graduate students (including law students) from accredited universities anywhere in the world whose research interests are related to ideas of a free society.
What sort of individuals are you looking for?
  • Students who are dedicated to advancing the ideas of liberty through research and teaching.


What other benefits are there besides the money?

Plenty! For one thing, you’ll be joining an impressive network of over 1,400 liberty-advancing scholars and students, including David Schmidtz at the University of Arizona, Tyler Cowen at George Mason University, and Randall Kroszner at the University of Chicago.

Plus, you’ll also be able to attend invitation-only programs such as the Career Development SeminarResearch Colloquium, and Advanced Topics weekend seminars.

And, don’t forget, the financial provision allows you to focus on your studies in greater freedom. (Literally as well as figuratively.)