Hayek Fund FAQ

Are international students eligible for funding from the Hayek Fund?

Graduate students and untenured faculty members are eligible for awards from the Hayek Fund for Scholars regardless of their nationality.

Are students of any university eligible for the Hayek Fund for Scholars?

Yes. Students of any university may apply for this fund.

How long does it take the committee to make a decision?

Applicants will be notified of the committee's decision within four to six weeks of submitting an application. Hence, you must submit your application at least four weeks in advance of your fundable activity. Awards are only granted for anticipated future activities, and cannot be awarded retroactively.

I am attending an IHS summer seminar. Does this qualify for a Hayek Fund award?

Typically, no. The Hayek Fund is not for attendance at a conference alone, so our summer seminars typically do not qualify.

I presented a paper several weeks ago. May I apply for the Fund ex-post?

We do not give awards after an event. You must submit your application at least four weeks in advance of your fundable activity, otherwise it may not be reviewed in time for the fundable activity. Awards are only granted for anticipated future activities.

Is there a deadline to apply for the Hayek Fund?

There is no deadline to apply. Applications are accepted year-round, on a rolling basis. The majority of awards are made in the fall and spring.

What is required to apply to the Hayek Fund for Scholars?

  • A one to two-page cover letter explaining how the activity will advance your career and advance an understanding of the principles of the classical liberal/libertarian tradition
  • An abstract or copy of the paper, if you intend to present at a conference
  • An itemized list of expected expenses
  • A curriculum vitae or resume

What is the classical liberal/libertarian tradition? Who is F. A. Hayek?

Learn about classical liberalism and the libertarian tradition by reading our webpage or by watching this video series.

F.A. Hayek was a Nobel Laureate in economics and author of books such as The Road to Serfdom and the Constitution of Liberty. Hayek participated in some of the formative events of IHS, when the organization brought together scholars interested in the ideas of liberty. We encourage you to read his books or read his essay The Use of Knowledge in Society. You can also read more about Hayek's life and work on Wikipedia.

What is the Hayek Fund for Scholars?

The Hayek Fund awards up to $750 to graduate students and untenured faculty members for career-enhancing activities and faculty conducting student activities such as:

  • Presentations at academic or professional conferences
  • Travel to academic job interviews (on a campus or at professional/academic conferences)
  • Travel to archives or libraries for research
  • Participation in career-development or enhancing seminars
  • Distribution of a published article to colleagues in your field
  • Submission of unpublished manuscripts to journals or book publishers
  • Faculty conducting activities engaging students in the ideas of classical liberalism, including student reading groups, speaker panels, etc. 

What kind of project is typically awarded a grant from the Hayek Fund for Scholars?

Successful projects vary greatly, from a paper presentation at the American Political Science Association's annual meeting to a job interview in New Zealand. To be certain, however, all projects funded are seen to further an understanding of the classical liberal tradition.

Read about recent Hayek Fund winners to learn how others have used awards to advance their careers.

Who may apply for the Hayek Fund for Scholars?

Advanced graduate students, untenured faculty (including post-doctoral students), and tenured faculty conducting student activities are eligible to apply for the Hayek Fund.

Are applications still accepted by mail, or email?

Applications are no longer accepted through the mail or email. Applicants must now register and apply using our online system.

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