Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie
  • Discipline: Editor-in-Chief
  • Organization: Reason magazine

Nick Gillespie is editor-in-chief of Reason, a libertarian monthly recently named one of "The 50 Best Magazines" by The Chicago Tribune. Established in 1968 and a four-time finalist for National Magazine Awards, Reason has a print circulation of about 60,000.Reason Online, the magazine's Web edition, draws around 650,000 visits per month. In 2002, Reason was a finalist for an Utne Independent Press award for its political coverage and a finalist for a Western Publications Association "Maggie Award" in "politics and social issues."

AsksThe Washington Post: "Which monthly magazine editor argues that the spread of pornography is a victory for free expression? And that drugs from marijuana to heroin should not only be legalized, but using them occasionally is just fine? And is also quite comfortable with gay marriage? The answer is Nick Gillespie, libertarian and doctor of literature, injecting [Reason magazine] with a pop-culture sensibility."

The 40-year-old Gillespie originally joined Reason's staff in 1993 as an assistant editor and ascended to the top slot in 2000. His work has appeared in The New York Times,The Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalThe Los Angeles TimesSlateSalon, and many other publications. He was a regular contributor to the late, lamented satire site,Suck, where he wrote under the name Mr. Mxyzptlk.

He is a frequent commentator on radio and television programs such as National Public Radio's All Things Considered, CNN's American Morning, Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, and C-SPAN's Washington Journal. He has also worked as a reporter for several New Jersey newspapers and as an editor at several Manhattan-based music, movie, and teen magazines. He is almost certainly the only journalist to have interviewed both Ozzy Osbourne and the 2002 Nobel laureate in economics, Vernon Smith.