Jeremy Shearmur

Jeremy Shearmur
  • Discipline: Reader in Political Theory
  • Organization: Australian National University


Jeremy Shearmur was educated at the London School of Economics (University of London). His Ph.D. thesis on Hayek was awarded the Sir Ernest Barker Prize by the British Political Studies Association. After working for eight years as assistant to Professor Sir Karl Popper in the Department of Philosophy, L.S.E., Prof. Shearmur taught philosophy at the University of Edinburgh, Political Theory at the University of Manchester; was Director of Studies at the Centre for Policy Studies in London and was a Senior Research Fellow and Director of Studies at the Institute for Humane Studies, where he also held the title of Research Associate Professor at George Mason University. Since 1992, he has worked in the Departments of Political Science and of Philosophy in the Faculty of Arts at the Australian National University, where he is currently Reader in Political Theory.

Shearmur is the author of Hayek and After and The Political Thought of Karl Popper(both Routledge, London & New York, 1996), was co-editor, with David Gordon, of H. B. Acton's The Morals of Markets and Related Essays (Liberty Fund, 1993), was editor of special issues of journals on privatization and The Philosophy of Karl Popper, and has published widely in social and political philosophy and the philosophy of social science. He has just put the finishing touches to the manuscript of Living with Markets, which will be published by Routledge.


Select Works

  • "Scaling the Ivory Tower: The Pursuit of an Academic Career," by Jeremy Shearmur

Humane Studies Review Works

  • Book Review - "Power and Politics," by Jeremy Shearmur