Eric Mack

Eric Mack
  • Discipline: Professor of Philosophy
  • Organization: Tulane University

Eric Mack is Professor of Philosophy at Tulane University and also a faculty member of the university’s Murphy Institute of Political Economy. He received his BA in Philosophy from Union College and his MA and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Rochester. He has been a Visiting Fellow in Political Philosophy at Harvard University, a Visiting Research Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center at Bowling Green State University, and a Resident Scholar at Liberty Fund, Inc. 

Professor Mack specializes in social and political philosophy, ethics, and the philosophy of law. Among his recent articles are: “Scanlon as Natural Rights Theorist” in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, “Non-Absolute Rights and Libertarian Taxation,” in Social Philosophy and Policy, “Hayek on Justice and the Order of Actions,” in Companion to Hayek, “Individualism and Libertarian Rights,” in Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy, “The Natural Right of Property,” in Social Philosophy and Policy, “Nozickian Arguments for the More-Than-Minimal State” in Cambridge Companion to Anarchy, State and Utopia and “Friedrich Hayek on the Nature of Social Order and Law” in Political Philosophy in the Twentieth Century.

Professor Mack is the author of John Locke (Continuum Press 2009) and has edited two books, Auberon Herbert’s The Right and Wrong of Compulsion by the State and Other Essays and Herbert Spencer’s Man versus the State and Other Essays.  Among Mack's current projects is a book on the moral foundations of natural rights, tentatively titled Moral Individualism.