Emily Chamlee-Wright

Emily Chamlee-Wright
  • Discipline: Associate Professor of Economics and Management
  • Organization: Beloit College

Emily Chamlee-Wright is associate professor of economics and management at Beloit College in Wisconsin. Her book The Cultural Foundation of Economic Development (Routledge) explores the strategies for capital accumulation and mutual assistance among market women in Ghana. She is also co-author of Culture and the Spirit of Enterprise with Don Lavoie, which explores the links between economics and cultural studies.

Her current research is on micro-finance and indigenous capital accumulation strategies in Harare, Zimbabwe. Prof. Chamlee-Wright received the Underkoffler Award for Excellence in Teaching (Beloit College's "Teacher of the Year Award") in 1997. Professor Chamlee-Wright was a W.K. Kellogg National Leadership Fellow from 1995-1998, and currently directs the Beloit College Leadership Institute, which identifies and trains student leaders interested in business and community development.

Professor Chamlee-Wright received her PhD from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She teaches courses on African markets and institutions, comparative economic systems, Austrian economics, and the history of economic thought. She lives with her husband in Madison, Wisconsin.