Daniel Rothschild

  • Discipline: Associate Director
  • Organization: Global Prosperity Initiative, Mercatus Center

Daniel Rothschild is the associate director of the Mercatus Center’s Global Prosperity Initiative, where he coordinates the Mercatus Center’s domestic and international research and outreach programs on economic prosperity and sustainable development. As part of this, he manages Mercatus’s five-year research project following the rebuilding of the Gulf Cost after Hurricane Katrina.

A relative rarity in Washington, Dan was born in our nation’s capital and grew up in Houston. His popular writing and articles and reviews have appeared in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Policy Review, the Michigan Journal of Public Affairs, and Economic Affairs. He has written on post-Katrina rebuilding and its impact on other disasters in the Wall Street Journal, Slate, Des Moines RegisterBaton Rouge Business Report, and Reason Online, and in the forthcoming book After Katrina: The Political Economy of Disaster and Community Rebound, edited by Emily Chamlee-Wright and Virgil Henry Storr.

Prior to joining Mercatus, Mr. Rothschild was an Eben Tisdale Fellow in Washington, DC. He earned his BA in history from Grinnell College, his MA in modern British history from the University of Manchester, and his Masters in Public Policy from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.