Carolyn Lochhead

  • Discipline: D.C. Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief
  • Organization: San Francisco Chronicle

Carolyn Lochhead is the San Francisco Chronicle’s Washington bureau chief. She has been a DC correspondent for the Chronicle since 1991. She got her start in a tiny river town in Louisiana covering ladies teas, boys basketball and road paving for the St. Francisville Democrat, where she served as editor, photographer and delivery girl, and once by accident put the mayor in the obituaries. From then it was on to the bustling Paso Robles Daily Press, her hometown paper on the hot side of the Central Coast, before arriving at the Chronicle by way of New York. She graduated from UC Berkeley with majors in rhetoric and economics, and then Columbia University in journalism. After a brief interlude on Wall Street, she became a writer for Insight magazine and then the Chronicle, where she has covered one public policy crisis after another since 1991, and yet somehow the republic still stands.