Summer Webinar Series for Graduate Students FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to attend every session?
A. Since each session builds off of the other, if accepted we ask that you attend all sessions.  If you have a conflict with the time, you can “make up” the session afterwards by watching a recorded video.

Q. If I have a conflict during the airing, can I watch the session later in the week?
A. This program is designed to fit with your schedule. All sessions will be recorded for later viewing and questions can be submitted in advance.

Q. After applying, when will I find out whether or not I am selected as a participant?
A. You will be notified about the status of your application by July 15th.

Q. What kinds of personal projects work best with the curriculum? 
A. Writing projects, administrative responsibilities, teaching responsibilities, and extra-curricular side projects all make good test cases for applying productivity principles.

Q. Will I be required to do anything else other than attend the sessions?
A. You will be given follow-up assignments. While these are not mandatory, we highly recommend that you complete all assignments in order to maximize your results.

Q. Will Jason Womack be available for follow up questions?
A. Jason Womack will be available to respond to written follow-up questions; following each session, Professor Art Carden will be online for live Q&A.

Q: Will this fix all my problems with managing my time, my energy, and my focus?
A: Sadly, no. This is one step in a lifelong journey. We will take your best and make it better, and point you toward a path of continual improvement.