Summer Webinar Series for Graduate Students

From Fragmentation to Focus: Secrets to Academic Momentum

Improve Your Performance in Graduate School, Without Putting in Longer Hours

The Institute for Humane Studies is currently accepting applications  for their summer webinar series featuring productivity expert Jason Womack, author of the book Your Best Just Got Better and creator of the Momentum Program. Sessions, based on the Momentum Program, will help you increase your output, without wearing yourself out! 

While membership in the Momentum Program normally costs $99 per month, IHS is offering this five-week series to accepted students free of charge.

Series Overview:

Beginning August 1, Womack will introduce proven principles from the Momentum curriculum based on his book Your Best Just Got Better in a five-part webinar series:

  • August 1, 8:00 PM EST The Anatomy of an Ideal Day
  • August 8, 8:00 PM EST Managing Monumental Tasks
  • August 15 8:00 PM EST Outsmart the Clock (Hint: manage focus instead of time)
  • August 22 8:00 PM EST Who’s on Your Team? Tapping into the Power of Your Network
  • August 29 8:00 PM EST Work Smarter: Harness Feedback, Focus, and Practice

Following each session, Professor Art Carden will answer questions and help participants apply the productivity framework to challenges specific to the academic world.  

Independent readings and follow-up assignments will help you implement success-boosting practices in your own projects.

When the course is over, participants receive a certificate of completion, a portfolio of completed exercises, access to a growing network of exceptionally creative and productive people, and a new outlook on teaching, research, and service.


Open to fulltime graduate students who plan to advance free enterprise and individual liberty through their academic work. Preference will be given to applicants from US-based graduate programs.

Application Deadline: July 8 (Graduate students of all levels eligible)


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