Advanced Topics in Liberty

Federalism and Competition

Conference for Students - January 27-29, 2012

Discussion Leader: Georg Vanberg

Session 1:        Decentralization and the West

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Session 2:        The Original Case for American Federalism

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Session 3:        Federalism's Dark Side

Bolick, Clint. Grassroots Tyranny: The Limits of Federalism. Washington, D.C.: Cato Institute, 1993. “Introduction” (pages 1–9), Part I, Chapter 1, “Competing Visions of Federalism” (pages 13–36), and Part II, Chapter 5, “The Many Manifestations of Grassroots Tyranny” (pages 95–109).

Session 4:        Competition of States and Economy

Vaubel, Roland. The Centralisation of Western Europe: the Common Market, Political Integration, and Democracy. London: Institute of Economic Affairs, 1995. Chapter 1, “Introduction” (pages 11–15), Chapter 2, “Efficiency Criteria” (pages 16–33), and Chapter 3, “Explanations” (pages 34–55).

Session 5:        Competition in Law and Taxes

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Session 6:        Maintaining Jurisdictional Competition and Liberty

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