Sue Blevins

Participant: Liberty & Current Issues

Awarded: Young Communicators Fellowship

While completing a graduate degree at Harvard after having worked as a registered nurse for seven years, Sue Blevins came across an ad for IHS Summer Seminars in a copy of Reason. She applied and was invited to attend the Liberty & Current Issues seminar. "At the time, I didn't care so much about free markets," Sue recounts, "but after the IHS seminar, I was clearly convinced that the only way to guarantee individual liberty is through free markets."

In 1995, Sue won a Young Communicators Fellowship, which enabled her to conduct original research identifying anti-competitive barriers in the health care industry; "The Medical Monopoly: Protecting Consumers or Limiting Competition?" was published by the Cato Institute in 1995. That same year Sue founded the Institute for Health Freedom and has since become a leading advocate and spokesperson for consumers' freedom to make health care decisions. Sue has come back to provide career advice as a guest speaker at the Liberty & Current Issues seminar.