RiShawn Biddle

Participant: The First Amendment & Beyond

Winner: Felix Morley Journalism Competition

RiShawn Biddle attended an IHS summer seminar in 1998. During the week, RiShawn discussed clips from John Stossel’s 20/20 specials and saw the names of several IHS alumni included in the credits. During a career panel, RiShawn was intrigued to hear that IHS often recommends talented young people for internships, including positions in Stossel’s 20/20 unit at ABC News.

The following spring, RiShawn entered the Felix Morley Journalism Competition, receiving an honorable mention. With the help of a Young Communicators grant and an IHS recommendation, RiShawn traveled to New York to interview for an internship with Stossel and ABC. RiShawn earned the internship.

RiShawn, like other seminar participants, received a complimentary subscription to Reason magazine. There, he learned about and successfully applied for Reason’s prestigious Burton Gray Memorial Internship. After his internship, RiShawn secured a position at Forbes magazine, which he held from 1999-2003. He later worked as a Staff Writer for the Los Angeles Business Journal (2003-2004) and is now and Editorial Writer for the Indianapolis Star. He writes primarily on economics, finance, urban government affairs, education, and child welfare.