Adam Briddell

Participant: Exploring Libertarian Perspectives

Mug Shot: 
Adam Briddell

Why did you choose to attend an IHS seminar?

It was recommended to me strongly by a professor in my Political Science Department. I am eternally grateful for that and to him. He championed the seminar as a wonderful means for individuals to share their experiences and explore new ideas (or reexamine old ones). I can unequivocally declare that he was right.

What are the most intriguing ideas you've heard this week?

Possessing a less than extensive background in economics, the lectures on the history of prices, as well as market/government failure were uniquely informative.

What does "liberty" mean to you?

Liberty to me describes the ability of an agent to exercise his innate free will, but (to agree with Mill) only so far as it does not infringe upon the ability of others to do the same, or only so far as it maximizes utility, either from a societal or individual perspective.

What is your impression of the seminar as a whole?

IHS is to be praised. An invaluable and treasured component of my intellectual development, it provided me with an unprecedented opportunity to discuss with peers and professors the authors who have had such a diverse and significant impact upon my ideological development. The existence of a forum with the sole goal of fostering discussion is a welcome opportunity to refine one's political conceptions. For that service, I am forever in IHS's debt.