Teaching: Advice for Faculty

uniinnsbruckWe have teaching advice for faculty including teaching techniques, classroom policies, and how to incorporate classical liberal ideas into a variety of disciplines.  We also have a series on the future of education and the rise of online higher ed and MOOCs, and advice on dealing with traditional and social media as an academic.  Remember that IHS Program Officers are here to help, and be sure to check out our Liberty and the Art of Teaching Workshop for graduate students and new faculty.

Managing Classical Liberal Ideas

Need Funding to Engage Your Students in the Principles of Liberty,
Steve Horwitz: Teaching is Crucial for the Liberty Movement
Steve Horwitz: Teaching and Liberty
Yes, You Can Teach about Liberty
Liberty in the Classroom: Real World Example with Dr. Isaac DiIanni

Teaching Advice

Innovative Teaching Techniques with Peter Jaworski
Nikolai Wenzel: Teaching and Careercraft

On Being an Effective Teacher: an interview with Dr. Steve Horwitz
Internet Tools for the Classroom with Peter Jaworski
Consider the Student: Lessons from Art of Teaching Workshop
Rethinking Course Design: Lessons Learned from Liberty and the Art of Teaching
Teaching Advice: Teaching to the Situation
Team Teaching: The Advantages of Teaching a Course with Other Professors
How to Challenge Students Who Agree With You
Liberty and the Art of Teaching Workshop
IHS Liberty and the Art of Teaching Roundup
Dirk Mateer: Using Media, Games, and Activities in the Classroom
Want to Get Better? Showcase Your Weaknesses
Steve Horwitz: Why You Should Be An Interdisciplinary Teacher
Bibliography of Teaching Resources

Class Policies

How to Deal with Grade Grubbers an Instructional Essay
How to Deal with Unprepared Students
Faculty Debate: Should Professors Allow Laptops in Class
Dealing with Challenging Situations Involving Students in the Classroom
What to Do with Wikipedia?
Faculty Debate: Should Professors Allow Laptops In Class? Pt 1

Teaching Industry

Forecast: More Adjuncts
Digital Repositories Create Online Legacy for Scholars
The Impact of Digital Media on the Academic Community
Dirk Mateer: Teaching as a Career
Turnitin: Crutch? Or Valuable Tool?
Converting A Tenure – Track Job into a Tenured Job
Aplia: Another Secret Weapon for Instructors
What Are They Saying About Online Education?
Political Bias in Academia
Two Views on Technology’s Role in Education

Teaching Eonomics

Teaching Austrian Economics to Graduate Students
Joab Corey: Making it Pop, a Game for the Econ Classroom
Teaching Economics With Pencils and Toasters
Teaching Comparative Advantage, circa 2004
The History of Economic Thought: A Vast Resource

Public Persona

Personal tweets make professors more “credible”?
Writing for the Media as Academics

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