Guides to Scholarly Publishing

Writing Tips for PhD Students

John H. Cochrane, University of Chicago
Written as an in-line tutorial for papers and articles, this can serve as a helpful guide for standard writing practices for academic papers.

Association of American University Presses 2012 Subject Area Grid

A quick PDF reference guide to which major academic presses publish on specific disciplines.

Economical Writing

Deirdre McCloskey
From reviews: “Professor McCloskey has written the best short guide to academic prose in the language.” — Richard Lanham, UCLA

Publishing in Journals

Bill Glod’s five part series on successful journal publishing.

Part 1: Should I Publish in a Mainstream or Classical Liberal Journal?

Part 2. So They Rejected Your Paper. . .

Part 3:What To Do With Your Rejected Paper

Part 4: Bad Titles Hurt Good Papers

Part 5: Find the Right Journal for Your Paper

Guide to Writing Formal Academic Papers

Steve Horwitz’s guide for academic writing

Lots of Advice on Writing Well and Often

A series of posts on by Art Carden

Writing Your Dissertation and Setting a Research Agenda

IHS Academic podcast with Dr. Mike Munger, Professor of Political Science, Public Policy, and Economics at Duke University.