Advice from IHS Faculty

Career advice from liberty-advancing academics


Pete Boettke: Consider Joining the WEA

Jacob T. Levy: Grad School

Art Carden: The Association of Private Enterprise Education is Decadent and Depraved: 2011

Arnold Kling: Two Questions for Libertarians


Being a Classical Liberal Academic

Pete Boettke: In The Marketplace of Ideas Being Wrong Should Hurt


Advice for Undergrads

Tyler Cowen: Classical Economics Reading List

Pete Boettke: Advice to Undergraduates

Daniel Drezner: So You Want to Become an Expert

Pileus: Ranking Educational Institutions

Peter Boettke: The Calculation of a Lifetime

E. Frank Stephenson: A Big Wet Kiss for Economics

Mike DeBow: Do-it-Yourself Constitutional History Websites

Bryan Caplan: On the Clock

Bryan Caplan: A Modest Proposal for Wannabe Humanities Profs 

Arnold Kling: Garett Jones on Ultramasculine Economics

Bryan Caplan: The Labor Market for Philosophers

Greg Mankiw: Advice for Aspiring Economists

Greg Mankiw: Where do Economists Come From?

Greg Mankiw: Choosing a Graduate Program

Greg Mankiw: Advice for Grad Students

Greg Mankiw: Love Econ, Bad at Math

Greg Mankiw: Which Math Courses?

Greg Mankiw: Why Aspiring Economists Need Math

Greg Mankiw: Summer Reading List

Greg Mankiw: PhD or Not?

Greg Mankiw: Education Beyond the Classroom

Greg Mankiw: An engineer seeks career advice

Greg Mankiw: JD vs PhD: My Story

Greg Mankiw: My Life as a Student

Greg Mankiw: A Question about Learning Economics

Greg Mankiw: Are B-school economists different?

Megan McAardle: Student Loan Settlements, Revisited

Megan McArdle: You Know the Legal Job Market Must Be Bad …



Greg Mankiw: Advice for New Junior Faculty

Greg Mankiw: Good Academic, Bad Human Being



Pete Boettke: Why I Do, and Why I Find It Frustrating

Bryan Caplan: Why Do So Many GMU Economists Blog?


Course Work

E. Frank Stephenson: The Decline of Studying

Tyler Cowen: Simple Advice for Academic Publishing



David Henderson: My Philosophy of Teaching

Steve Horwitz: A Thought On Teaching

Public Reason: University of York Teaching Philosophy Fellowship Opportunity

Josh Blackman: Posting Powerpoints in Class

Don Boudreaux: Getting the Point of Economics

Russ Roberts: Study Questions for The Price of Everything

Edward J. Lopez: Teaching Corner, George Stigler on What Makes a Teacher

E. Frank Stephenson: Yeah, Teachers Unions Are All About the Children

E. Frank Stephenson: A Question for Randi Weingarten

Tim Shaughnessy: Moron More on Unions

Arnold Kling: Thoughts on Academic Tenure

David Henderson: My Philosophy of Teaching

Tyler Cowen: What if Universities Got Rid of Tenure?

Robert E. Hall, Robert and Carole McNeil: Managing Your Career as an Economist after Tenure

Megan McArdle: Why Do We Want Teachers to Stick Around Forever?

Megan McArdle: Testing and Teaching

Megan McArdle: Why Fire Teachers?



Farasat A.S. Bokhari and Helen Schneider: School accountability laws and the consumption of psychostimulants

David Card, Martin D. Dooley and A. Abigail Payne: School Competition and Efficiency with Publicly Funded Catholic Schools

Arnold Kling: More Predatory Education

Megan McArdle: Should We Redistribute Grades Like We Do Income?

Megan McArdle: The High Cost of College

Bryan Caplan: Education and Signaling: Bill Dickens Replies

Ilya Somin: Debating the Signaling Model of Education

Megan McArdle: What’s the Real Value of an Education?

Megan McArdle: Why So Many Administrators?

Oliver Wang: What Makes for an Effective Teacher?



Pete Boettke: Greg Mankiw on the Structure of Graduate Education in Economics

Pete Boettke: A virtual Seminar on Austrian Economics

American Economic Review: 100 years of the AER: Top 20 articles

Steve Horwitz: My Undergraduate Austrian Economics Syllabus

Steve Horwitz: BBC 4 Episode Analysis on Austrian Economics

Daniel Drezner: Govt and University Analogous

Daniel Drezner: Satirical Why You Shouldn’t Get a Poli Sci PhD

Pileus: Coercion as Freedom on Campus

Brian A. Pitt: Ph.D.’s Should Be Plan D

Brian A. Pitt: Minority Ph.D’s and Prospective Ph.D’s: Who Mentored You?

Robert Higgs: Truth and Freedom in Economic Analysis and Economic Policy Making

George W. Dent: Oops! In Dean Search Political Bias Went Public

Noel Campbell: Trust Peter Boettke. I do!

Bryan Caplan: Cato Memories

Frances Woolley: Are gifted education programs a waste of money?

Megan McArdle: Unbiasing Academia

Megan Mcardle: ObamaCare Threatens College Health Plans

Megan McArdle: The Romance of Teaching

Megan McArdle: Tenure: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone

Megan McArdle: President Obama Is Not Impressed With Your High School Diploma. Neither is Wal-Mart.



Art Carden: Writing

Daniel Drezner: Dissertations Prospectus

Daniel Drezner: Why WikiLeaks Will Be Bad for Scholarship

Daniel Drezner: Precaution of WikiLeaks as Empirical Evidence

Daniel Drezner: To Write Good Political Science Essays

Daniel Drezner: How to Read a Research Paper

Jacob T. Levy: Robert Paul Wolff on Writing a Dissertation

Public Reason: Journal of Moral Philosophy Online Submission

Public Reason: Advice on Article Reviewing

Public Reason: Debating Tolerance Competition SUBMISSION DATE: JUNE 26

Greg Mankiw: How to Write Well

Alex Tabarrok: SWORD for Peer Grading

Andrew Gelman: Advice on Writing Research Articles



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So You Want to Get a PhD in Humanities

So You Want to Get a PhD in Economics?

Philosophy Graduate Student and Professor

So You Want to Go to Law School

So You Want to Get a PhD in Humanities: Nine Years Later

So You Want to Get a Ph. D in Political Science?

The Simpsons – Comments about PhDs and Grad Students.

The Economics of Seinfeld

So You Want to be a Journalist