The Path to Professor

Welcome to the IHS Academic Path to Professor resource page. Here you will find a collection of IHS Academic material, organized for you based on your current stage as a student.  The goal of these pages is to provide step by step advice for how you can best prepare yourself and how IHS can help you in your career at each stage on your way to becoming a professor.

Because this is a work in progress, if you have suggestions for further information or resources we can provide, please contact us here.


Undergraduate students, find information that will assist you in choosing a graduate school, how to prepare for an interview, asking for reference letters, writing skills and techniques, how to get involved in research, and even how to be prepared to start publishing papers.  This page also provides information about specific graduate schools and the programs they offer.  These materials are helpful to undergraduate students who are still undecided about what discipline to concentrate in.

Early Graduate

If you are in the first half of your PhD program or working on Master’s level coursework, you can find information on how to network with professors and colleagues, tips and techniques for publishing papers in journals, conducting research, obtaining funds for research and study, and much more. This information will help you prepare for your final stage in graduate school as you look forward to writing your dissertation and establish stronger professional relationships with your colleagues and professors.

Late Graduate

As the end of your time as a student approaches, your concerns shift towards publishing, your dissertation, and the job market.  This page  has information that will assist in publishing research, conference etiquette, and early teaching development assistance.  This page is intended to help graduate students finish their dissertations and lay the groundwork to successfully launch their careers.

Job Market 

Recent graduates who are on the job market will find help tips and techniques when it comes to interviews, resume building, cover letter writing, and networking.  The resources provided on this page will help you improve these vital skills that are valuable to any individual at any stage.

New Faculty and Tenure Track

Now that you’ve secured an academic job, what are the next steps to tenure? The resources here will provide information for faculty on teaching advice, publishing tips, and tips about working in academia and building up your tenure review portfolio.