Scaling the Ivory Tower: Career Development Webcasts for Graduate Students

Join IHS this spring for an online seminar series on career options in academia. The lineup includes overviews of entering the academic job market, publishing, and career strategy.  Additional seminars will provide insights into teaching, developing an effective public voice, and opportunities for intellectual development.

While we have tracks for both early stage (pre-dissertation) and late stage grad students, please feel free to sign up for any session you choose.  Also, be sure to check out our programming for junior faculty.

Be sure to check out our Summer Webinar Series for Graduate Students, featuring author and productivity expert Jason Womack!

Previous Events

Publish or Perish? The Ins and Outs of Academic Publishing

  • February 5th, 8:00-9:00 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Chris Coyne, George Mason University

Join Dr. Chris Coyne for in introduction to academic publishing. Find out when you need to start (in grad school!), how to start, how to decide where to submit journal articles, how to deal with editors, and more. Appropriate for early stage graduate students.

Completing Your Dissertation and Crafting Your Research Agenda

Get expert advice on identifying your research question, tackling the dissertation process, productive research and writing, moving from the dissertation to a research agenda, and how to communicate your agenda to colleagues and potential employers.  Appropriate for early stage graduate students.

Mapping Your Career In Academia

Do you have a career strategy? Dr. Brennan will help you develop a plan. Begin to systematically think about where you want to work and what kind of research interests you long-term. Topics will include how to get the right first job, how to become known as an expert in your field, and how to collaborate effectively with colleagues. Appropriate for early stage graduate students.

Time Management: Tips and Tricks for Getting It All Done In Grad School

  • March 12th, 8:00-9:00 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Art Carden, Samford University

Get productivity-boosting know-how on setting priorities, balancing multiple activities, and making room for your personal life.  Appropriate for early stage graduate students.

Building your Academic Network

Why do you need to network? How can you build a community that will support and challenge you, and help you succeed? Dr. Ashford will offer practical tips and explain how IHS can help you. Appropriate for both early and late stage graduate students.


Tenure and Beyond: Opportunities to Succeed in Academia

Take a tour of the path to a tenure-track job and see what you need to do now to get there. Keep in mind that academia is changing: today there are fewer tenure jobs, more adjunct positions, and an ever-present X-factor known as online education. Find out how to navigate successfully amid the flux.  Appropriate for both early and late stage graduate students.

Stand Out from the Crowd: How to Make the Right Impression in Interviews

Get tips on how to nail both in-person and online interviews, what makes for a good first impression, and how to introduce your research. Walk through steps including crafting interview materials, preparing for campus visits, and asking the right questions at the end of an interview. Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

Establishing an Online Presence

Who are you, on the internet? How can you establish the right online presence, make your work accessible, and get noticed, in the right way? Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

Special Tax Day Webcast: Why The 16th Amendment Really Is The Root Of All Evil

  • April 15, 8:00-9:00 PM EDT
  • Speaker: Dr. Phil Magness, IHS

Ever wondered how taxation in America took shape? Thought about if things could have been different or could be better in the future?   On the 100th Anniversary of the 16th Amendment, join IHS historian Dr. Phil Magness for a discussion of the history (good, bad, and ugly!) and future of the income tax.  Feel free to bring your reflections and related questions to the webinar. We will have time for Q&A following the presentation.

Preparing Your CV for the Academic Job Market

Walk through the steps of crafting a CV that will get you noticed and get you an interview. Dr. Magness will offer general points, specific examples of good and bad CVs, and tips on what different disciplines look for in your background. Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

Names All Classical Liberals Should Know

  • April 24, 4:00-5:00 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Phil Magness, IHS

Have you heard of Charles James Fox, John Taylor Caroline, or Luther Martin? If not, you’re not alone and you won’t want to miss the upcoming webcast on great classical liberal thinkers who have captured less limelight than they deserve. IHS historian Dr. Phil Magness will introduce the best-kept secrets of the libertarian intellectual tradition, the thinkers who influenced Hazlitt, Friedman, Hayek, and Rothbard.

What To Do With Your Dissertation

Finally finished your dissertation? What happens now? Dr. Magness will offer ideas about how to turn your dissertation into publishable work and pitch to publishers. Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

Entering the Academic Job Market

  • May 8th, 8:00-9:00 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Kevin Vallier, Bowling Green State University

Survey the state of the academic job market according to your interests. How can you find relevant jobs, put together application materials, and stand out in a pool of hundreds of applicants? Dr. Vallier will address topics including the interview process, making the most of conferences, and taking advantage of your network. Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

Making a Career of Academia – a guide to finances and jobs

Join us as Dr. Josh Hall gives an overview of what it looks like financially to make a career out of higher education today. The first in our summer series on navigating the future of academia, Dr. Hall will explore the changing financial outlook of a university career including strategies for making a living as an academic, routes to a full-time salary, and prospects on the university job market.

Obtaining Funding as a Grad Student

Funding, there never seems to be enough. Dr. Phil Magness will be leading this seminar on managing financial resources for your scholarly work as a graduate student. Learn creative ways to make the most of your money for research, conferences, and travel. He will also offer advice on how and where you can find additional funding.

IHS Resources for the Academic Job Market

Do you worry about the job market? IHS can help you. Join IHS Academic Placement Officer Amanda Brand as she gives an overview all the IHS resources and programs for the academic job market that we offer to graduate students to help you get an academic job.