Funding & Networking: Advice for Faculty

401(K) 2013Funding

Whether you need help writing proposals, obtaining research funding, or just some general tips for research funding we’ve got help for you. If you need additional advice or help, remember that we also have IHS Program Officers.

Need Funding to Engage Your Students in the Principles of Liberty
The Art of Writing Proposals


Nigel’s Networking Notes
How to Be a Great Conference Participant: Essay
Lunch Is An Opportunity
Productive Hanging Out
Dr. Steve Davies on Selling Yourself
“So, What Do You Work On?”: The Academic Elevator Pitch

Managing Your Online Presence

Online Presence for Academics: What do I need for a website? Should I blog?
Creating a Strong Online Presence as an Academic, Part 2: Control Your Brand
Web Presence for Academics: Branding Yourself
What Kind of Website Do You Need?
Digital Portfolio or Website?: Online Presence and Signalling
Two Things to Consider When Developing an E-Portfolio
Online Presence for Academics: How to setup a WordPress site
Tutorial: The Basics of Creating a Google Website

Social Media and Blogging

Using Social Media to your Advantage as an Academic
Facebook for Academics Only
Personal tweets make professors more “credible”?
Should junior faculty blog?
Does blogging help one’s professional reputation as an economist?
Same Name: Showing up on Google
Podcast: Making Media Appearances As an Academic

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