Next Steps with IHS

The Institute for Humane Studies has tools to help you navigate the changing world of higher education. Below are some of the programs to consider as you search for your comparative advantage as a liberty-friendly academic.

IHS Academic Online


The Online presence of IHS Academic


FIND Scholars

A research search service from IHS

  • Research papers
  • Op-Eds
  • Testimony before legislative committees
  • Placements on boards and peer review committees
  • Promote your current work or explore new areas of research

IHS-Mercatus Regulatory Studies Seminar

  • Interdisciplinary workshop: economics, history, policy implications of regulation
  • Advanced graduate students and faculty
  • Contact Phil Magness (PMagness @ ihs. gmu. edu)

Mentoring and Teaching

Mentor Students with IHS

  • Adjunct Program Officer
  • Mentor graduate students, discover new talent

Liberty and the Art of Teaching Workshop

  • Discuss best practices for the university classroom
  • Application available in January (email Amanda Winther)

Learn Liberty Classroom Resources

On-Campus Initiatives

Friedman Faculty Fund (Formerly Hayek Fund for Faculty)

  • Up to $5000 for education-enhancement activities designed to engage undergraduate and master’s students with the ideas of liberty, beyond the classroom
  • Elligibility: Full-time faculty and Teaching fellows
  • Past projects include: student reading groups, speaker series, and research assistantships

Weekend Exploring Liberty Seminars

  • IHS can plan/help you host an interdisciplinary weekend seminar
  • Introduce students to the philosophical foundations of a free society.

Networking with other Non-Profit Organizations

  • IHS can help connect you to other liberty-friendly organizations.

Placement Assistance

  • Job placement assistance for graduate students
  • Research and faculty jobs
  • Though mostly first-time/more junior placements, we can also keep you updated on openings for mid and senior level roles and administrative positions.
  • Contact Amanda Brand (ABrand @ ihs. gmu. edu)