Art Carden – Leverage Public Speaking for Teaching and Research


In this video, Professor Art CardenĀ of Samford University talks about how he uses speaking engagements to help him with both his teaching and his research.

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  • Mr. Art Carden,

    Hello Art,

    Thanks for the tips, I’m crafting my implementation plan and I liked the ease in which you speak. Economics encompasses many sub-topics, and I don’t want to miss any of them! So thanks for the IHS reference and the acknowledgement of biblical inspiration.

    My topics are varied Democracy in China, I am trying to end it on a high note. My start point is to contribute photo advocacy from the week of Tiananmen Square (Beijing /Hong Kong). I want to complete that first, then speak with IHS, Scott Barton/ Keri Anderson both whom have been in touch. While I have a PE, Higher Ed background, currently I am working with K-12. My contact with IHS will be about making the most of Summer 2014 toward this new career evolution. Many thanks,