Summer Listening: Themes of Liberty In Sci-Fi Roundup

Over time our podcast series on Themes of Liberty in Sci-Fi has really grown, reflecting that of all the research academics have done on pop culture, that there is a heavy lean towards sci-fi. So for your summer listening enjoyment, we’ve put together a recap of all our podcasts on Liberty and Sci-Fi. Enjoy!



Game of Thrones, Amber Taylor

Firefly and Serenity, Amy Sturgis

Hunger Games, Ilya Somin

Battlestar Galactica Ilya Somin

Star Trek Ilya Somin

The Works of J.R.R Tolkien Brad Birzer

World of Warcraft and Spontaneous Order, Joseph Packer

The Twilight Zone, Aeon Skoble

General Themes of Liberty in Science Fiction, Amy Sturgis


Image courtesy of Flickr user bkRiverdog, under Creative Commons licensing. Apologies for the false advertising of Star Wars, but if you would like to record an interview on Liberty and Star Wars, let us know!