The Ultimate Guide To Funding

Funding is the lifeblood of academic life.  The critical questions are where do you look for it and how do you go about getting it? This series, which includes a funding workshop, provides the answers (and guidance) to help ensure that you get the essential funding you need for your studies and research.


Previous Sessions

Dissertation & Research Funding

In the premiere session of this series, Dr. Fidler doesn’t just go over a major list of places to look into, she provides general guidelines and good habits to form when writing proposals and filling out applications. Like knowing the audience of the organization you’re applying to and making sure your goals aligns with their mission, and, ultimately making the case you’re worth investing in and more.

  • May 22, 3 – 4 pm
  • Dr. Katherine Fidler

Dissertation & Research Funding Workshop 

With the knowledge and insights gleaned from the first session now you’ll get the chance to try it yourself in this follow-up workshop. Submit your own actual proposals prior to the session and receive feedback with suggestions for strengthening your case. 

  • August 20, 3 – 4:30 pm
  • Dr. Katherine Fidler

General Studies Funding

While larger, more prestigious universities do offer departmental funding the reality is more often than not you’ll need supplemental funding for your studies. That means going to a third party. This session, co-presented by Dr. Fidler and IHS’ own Dr. Mario Villareal-Diaz, will go over where to look for outside funding while offering tips (along with a list of major do’s and don’ts when applying) to make sure you get it.  

  • August 26, 3 – 4:30 pm
  • Dr. Katherine Fidler & Dr. Mario Villareal-Diaz