Graduate Career Development Webcasts

Join IHS for an online seminar series on career options in academia. The lineup includes instructional overviews of publishing, entering the academic job market, and using your time in grad school most effectively.  Additional seminars will provide insights into teaching, developing an effective public voice, and opportunities for intellectual development. 

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Getting Everything Done as a Grad Student: Successful Time Management

Your Career as an Academic

  • May 13, 5:00-6:00 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Josh Hall, West Virginia University

The Life of a PhD Student

The Ultimate Guide to Funding: Dissertation and Research Funding

Shaping and Sharpening: Practical Approaches to Developing Your Research Agenda

Writing for the Ages: Making an Impact on Your Field

Art of Online Teaching Series

While teaching online courses opens up exciting new possibilities, it’s a lot different than standing in front of students in a lecture hall. It requires new skills and methods to get your points across in as engaging a way as possible.

Join (better yet watch) Mike Munger, Art Carden, Kevin Currie-Knight, and others, as they take you through the new ABC’s of current best teaching practices!

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Using On-Demand Videos and Other Web Resources in Your Online Courses

Learn how technology can be incorporated and orchestrated seamlessly into online courses to encourage active learning.

  • April 30, 2:00-3:30 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Art Carden, Samford University

Flipped or Hybrid Courses (Hint: It’s not about condo makeovers) 

What does the “flipped” online classroom look like? What are the challenges in designing and implementing hybrid online courses? What are the best practices in this area?

Previous Sessions:

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Making the Right Impression in Interviews

Get tips on how to nail both in-person and online interviews, what makes for a good first impression, and how to introduce your research. Walk through steps including crafting interview materials, preparing for campus visits, and asking the right questions at the end of an interview. 

  • September 26th, 3:00-4:00 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Mario Villarreal-Diaz, IHS
From Research Question to Dissertation Topic

Congratulations! You’ve just been accepted to your program and are ready to embark on your scholarly career. Now, only one question remains: how do I start my research agenda? Let Mario Villarreal-Diaz lend you his insights on how to start your research process and in which direction to take it through this wonderful webinar.

Completing your Dissertation 

Now that you’ve picked your research direction all you have left is getting it done! (Simple, right? Ha!) Not to worry. Let Dr. Phil Magness show you how to complete your dissertation in a timely fashion and offer ideas on how to turn it into a viable product for publishers and journals in this special webinar produced and offered the IHS.

Advancing Freedom. (There's An App For That?)

With the latest technology on hand today it’s much easier to craft cutting edge research. Like using a tablet to kick-start your Ph.D. topic, access documents, conduct surveys, prepare for your dissertation, and so much more.

Join Dr. Katherine Fidler as she offers tips and tricks using tablets and provides details on new ways to use them in order to achieve your academic goals:

  • The best apps/techniques for accessing, reading, and storing journal articles & books
  • The benefits of using a tablet over a laptop at archives
  • Recording and editing interviews, note-taking, sharing notes across devices
  • Date: January 24, 3:00-4:00 PM EST
  • Speaker:  Dr. Katherine Fidler 
Publishing Workshop

A one-of-a-kind totally interactive, online workshop that will detail how to turn your coursework papers into publishable, scholarly articles. What’s more, you’ll be able to work one-on-one with professors in your discipline during breakout sessions afterwards—all in the comfort of your home (or graduate student office).

  • Date: March 14
Big & Small: Introductory vs. Advanced Courses,/span>

The installment goes over the main differences in teaching introductory vs. advance online courses. And how those differences can impact the design and the implementation of online courses.


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