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    October 2010


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IHS will organize a series of student seminars this academic year, in New Jersey, Virginia, New Orleans, Pittsburgh. and Michigan. Dates and locations below. The program and food are free, but lodging and travel grants will not be provided.  If you live in or near one of these states, please encourage your students to visit:


  Dr. Nigel Ashford
  Senior Program Officer
  Institute for Humane Studies
  Email me! email


IHS Programs

Humane Studies Fellowships
Awards of up to $15,000 for graduate students and outstanding undergraduates embarking on liberty-advancing careers in ideas. Deadline: December 31

Policy Internship Program
Paid internships at think tanks and advocacy groups across the US during the summer of 2011. Program includes two career workshops in Washington, DC, and weekly lectures by academics and policy professionals. Deadline: January 31

Journalism Internship Program
Opportunities in print, broadcast, new media, and non-profit, investigative journalism during the spring, summer, and fall. A journalism major is not required. Talented writers and speakers encouraged to apply. Spring deadline: November 15; Summer deadline: January 31

Kosmos is the new IHS academic networking website. Join and be part of a vibrant community of classical liberal scholars.

IHS Weekend Seminars
November 12-14: College of New Jersey
January 28-30, 2011:  Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA
February 11-13, 2011: Loyola, New Orleans
February 25-27, 2011: Duquesne, Pittsburg
April 1-3, 2011: Northwood, Michigan

IHS Academic Events

IHS @ Southern Economics Association, Atlanta, November 20-22
IHS will host a reception at the SEA. Saturday November 20th. 6.30-8.00pm. Sheraton Garden Courtyard. Local faculty and graduate students also welcome.

IHS @ American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, Boston, December 26-30
Bill Glod of IHS will host a table at APA.

IHS @ American Economics Association, Denver, CO, January 7-9
IHS will host a reception at the AEA. Friday January 7th. 6.00-7.30pm. Sheraton Governor’s Square 17. Local faculty and graduate students also welcome.

IHS @ Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, March 31-April 4
Nigel Ashford of IHS will host a reception at MPSA.

IHS @ APEE, Nassau, Bahamas, April 10-12
Nigel Ashford and Colleen Haight of IHS will be attending the Association for Private Enterprise Education.

Fellowships, Awards & Jobs

Fellowships & Awards

Congressional Fellowships, APSA
Fellowships for early to middle career political scientists to learn more about Congress. Deadline: December 1.

Fellowships, Eastern Europe & Eurasia
Individual Advanced Research Opportunities program is open to MA, doctoral, postdoctoral students and professionals to conduct research in specific countries. Deadline: November 17.

International Policy Summer Institute, Washington DC, June 13-17, 2011
Grants are available for post-docs and assistant professors in the field of international relations to participate in policy and skill training.

Postdoctoral Fellowships, Brown University, RI
The Political Theory Project offers up to 5 postdoctoral fellowships in fields such as political theory, political philosophy, constitutional history, American founding, religion and politics, political economy, legal theory, and history of economic thought. Deadline: November 1

Postdoctoral Fellowships, Economics & Finance, Italy
Modigliani Research Fellowships in economics and finance are open to completed PhDs from a non-Italian university who will continue their research at any Italian university.

Postdoctoral Fellowships, European University Institute, Florence, Italy
Deadline: October 25.

Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, Munich, Germany
Ludwig Maximilian University offers 10 postdoctoral research fellowships. Deadline: November 15.

Postdoctoral Fellowships, Politics, Oxford, UK
Global Leaders Program offers postdoctoral fellowships to non-OECD nationals working on global governance and political economy.  Deadline: November 22.

Research Grants, Business of Government
The IBM Center for the Business of Government seeks research proposals of up to $20,000 on improving the business of government. Deadline: March 1.

Visiting Academic Scholars, Economic Fellows, SEC, Washington DC
The Securities and Exchange Commission offer visiting fellowships to Academic Scholars, who must have an academic position, and Economic Fellows, which need not.


Applied Microeconomics, University of Louisville, KY
The candidate must have a minimum of two years of teaching experience at the time of application since receiving their doctorate.  Deadline: December 1. 

Assistant Professor, Political Science, St. Vincent College, PA
The teacher-scholar will have a strong and sympathetic orientation toward the great books of Western civilization, and must be able to teach Principles of American Politics, a primary-source survey of the political thought of the American Founding era. Additional teaching and research interests in international politics and/or domestic public policy are required, as is a commitment to approach the study of politics through primary sources. Cover letter and complete CV to Personnel Director, Saint Vincent  College, 300 Fraser Purchase Road, Latrobe, PA 15650      

Chair, Political Science, Murray State University, KY
Tenure-track position with the rank of associate or full professor.  Ph.D. in political science is required. The field of specialization is open, but preference will be given to candidates who complement and/or expand existing areas of faculty specialization. Preference will be given to candidates with leadership and administrative experience. Deadline: November 15.  

Dean, Public Policy, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Central European University is seeking a Dean for the new School of Public Policy.

Economics, The King's College, New York
The King's College, New York City, invites applicants for a full-time faculty position in Economics.  The college seeks excellent teachers with strong Christian faith, the promise of scholarly publication, love for cities, and commitment to political and economic liberty.  Teaching responsibilities will include introductory, intermediate, and upper-level undergraduate courses.  The ability and desire to write for and speak to popular audiences is an advantage.  Applicants must have a Ph.D. in Economics. Applicants should send a C.V. to Dr. Calvin White, Associate Provost, by email at
calvin.white@tkc.edu.  Deadline is October 31.

History, The King's College, New York
The King's College, New York City, invites applicants for a full-time faculty position in Ancient and Medieval History.  The college seeks excellent teachers with strong Christian faith, the promise of scholarly publication, love for cities, and commitment to political and economic liberty. Teaching responsibilities will include teaching the college's core curriculum class in Western Civilization and electives in a broad range of topics in both ancient and medieval history. The ability and desire to write for and speak to popular audiences is an advantage.  Applicants must have a Ph.D. in History with a research specialty in Ancient or Medieval History. Applicants should send a C.V. to Dr. Calvin White, Associate Provost, by email at calvin.white@tkc.edu. Deadline is October 31.

Professor, Law & Economics, Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN
Candidate must have a PhD in economics and be tenured or advanced tenure track. 

Tenure Track, American Government, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Visiting Professor, Economics, Hillsdale College, MI
Deadline: January 5.


Adam Smith, London, UK, October 29
Registration required.

Asset Bubbles & Monetary Policy, Cato, Washington, November 18

Realism in the Humanities, Baltimore, MD, February 18-19, 2011
Call for papers: October 22.

Association for the Study of Ethnicity & Nationalism, London, April 5-7
Call for papers: November 1.

Gender in Eastern Europe & Eurasia Symposium, Washington DC, April 5-8, 2011
Research symposium is for US junior scholars currently enrolled in a graduate program or have completed a graduate degree for 10 years or less.

Business & Economics, Barcelona, Spain, June 3-5, 2011
Call for papers: February 15.

18th Century Scottish Studies, Aberdeen, Scotland, July 7-10, 2011
Call for papers: November 15.

New York State Economics Association, Rochester, NY, September 23-24, 2011
Deadline: June 15.

Opportunities for Students

20 Under 20 Entrepreneur Awards, Thiel Foundation
The Thiel Foundation will award 20 people under 20 years old cash grants of up to $100,000 to further their innovative scientific and technical ideas.

Business Model Competition, Seasteading Institute
Students and young entrepreneurs are invited to present a business plan for the Seasteading Institute. Prize of $10,000. Deadline: October 22.

Essay Contest: Liberty & Culture
The Libertarian Alliance of the UK offers a £1,000 prize for a 3,000 word essay on whether libertarianism deprives individuals of culture and collective identity. Deadline: October 25.

Free Bastiat Book
Students for Liberty & Atlas Foundation have published a book of essays by Frederic Bastiat, The Economics of Freedom: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You. Copies are available for free mass distribution to students. The book is combined with an optional essay contest.

Leadership in the Americas, Santiago, Chile, January 10-21
Fund for American Studies organizes the third Institute for Leadership in the Americas. Competitive scholarships available. Deadline: November 15.

National University Koch Scholarships, Economics, Online Education
National University of La Jolla CA has scholarships for three undergraduate online courses in free market economics and the moral foundations of capitalism. The courses can be taken from anywhere in the world. Deadline: November 30. Email: bsimpson@nu.edu

ECO 401 - Market Process Economics I

ECO 402 - Market Process Economics II

ECO 430 - Economics and Philosophy


Blogging on US Culture
WhenFallstheColiseum.com is seeking bloggers on American culture.

James Gwartney et al, Freedom of the World Index: 2010

Libertarian Review Online
Libertarian Review, a magazine published 1974-1980, is now available online.

Nigel Ashford on Academic Networking

The Role of the State in the Financial Sector
Call for submissions to the Journal of Financial Stability.


Academic Questions (Fall 2010) 23, 3
Essays on academic publishing, International Spy Museum, financial aid, student rights, Yale University Press, cultural equivalence, teacher education.

Allen on Plato
Danielle Allen, Why Plato Wrote (Wiley Blackwell)

Armendariz & Morduch on Microfinance Economics
Beatrice Armendariz & Jonathan Morduch, The Economics of Microfinance (MIT Press, 2nd edition)

Attanasio on Living Standard Inequality
Orazio Attanasio et al, Inequality of Living Standards Since 1980: Income Tells Only Part of the Story (AEI Press)

Bassani on Jefferson
Luigi Marco Bassani, Liberty, State and Union: the Political Theory of Thomas Jefferson (Mercer University Press)

Basham & Luik on Gambling
Patrick Basham & John Luik, Gambling: A Healthy Bet (Democracy Institute)

Boetkke on Contemporary Austrian Economics
Peter Boetkke, Handbook on Contemporary Austrian Economics (Elgar)

Bouckaert on Belgian Libertarians
Boudewijn Bouckaert et al, Belgian Libertarians: Jean Marie Decker,
Boudewijn Bouckaert, Frank van Dun (LLC Books)

Brown on Public Insurance
Jeffrey Brown et al, Public Insurance and Private Markets (AEI Press)

Carens on Immigration Rights
Joseph Carens, Immigrants and the Right to Stay (MIT Press)

Crowcroft, Green & Whiting on British Democracy and Conservatism
Robert Crowcroft, S. Green & Richard Whiting eds, The Philosophy, Politics and Religion of British Democracy: Maurice Cowling and Conservatism (Palgrave Macmillan)

De Paula on Brazil’s Economy
Luiz Fernando de Paula, Financial Liberalization and Economic Performance: Brazil at the Crossroads (Routledge)

Finn, Ryan & Lafferty on Education Reform
Chester Finn, Terry Ryan & Michael Lafferty, Ohio’s’ Education Reform Challenges (Palgrave Macmillan)

Frazer on Justice and Moral Sentiments
Michael Frazer, The Enlightenment of Sympathy: Justice and the Moral Sentiments in the Eighteenth Century and Today (Oxford University Press)

Gibson on the Founding
Alan Gibson, Understanding the Founding: the Critical Questions (University of Kansas Press, 2nd edition)

Geyer on Post-Cold War America
Georgie Anne Geyer, Predicting the Unthinkable, Anticipating the Impossible: From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to America in the Next Century (Transaction)

Halliday on Habeas Corpus
Paul Halliday, Habeas Corpus: from England to Empire (Belknap)

Hanson on Immigration
Gordon Hanson, Regulating Low Skilled Immigration in the United States (AEI Press)

Hickok on No Child Left Behind
Eugene Hickok, Schoolhouse of Cards: An Inside Story of No Child Left Behind and Why America needs a Radical Education Revolution (Rowman & Littlefield)

Hickson on Liberals and Liberal Democrats
Kevin Hickson ed., The Political Thought of the Liberals and Liberal Democrats Since 1945 (Palgrave Macmillan)

Lacroix on American Federalism
Alison Lacroix, The Ideological Origins of American Federalism (Harvard University Press)

Locke on Toleration and Other Essays
John Locke, A Letter Concerning Toleration and Other Essays (Liberty Fund)

Malanga on Taxes
Steven Malanga, Shakedown: The Continuing Conspiracy Against the American Taxpayer (Ivan R. Dee)

Mansfield on Tocqueville
Harvey Mansfield, Tocqueville (Oxford University Press)

Miller on Hayek's The Constitution of Liberty
Eugene Miller, Hayek’s The Constitution of Liberty: An Account of His Argument (IEA)

Mills on the Poverty of Africa
Greg Mills, Why Africa is Poor and What Africans Can Do About It (Penguin)

Moore on Privacy Rights
Adam D. Moore, Privacy Rights; Moral and Legal Foundations (Penn State)

Naimark on Stalin
Norman Naimark, Stalin’s Genocides (Princeton University Press)

Orrenius & Zavodny on Immigration
Pia Orrenius &  Madeleine Zavodny, Beside the Golden Door: U.S. Immigration Reform in a New Era of Globalization (AEI Press)

Peterson on 1820s State Constitutional Conventions
Merrill Peterson ed., Democracy, Liberty and Property: The State Constitutional Conventions of the 1820s (Liberty Fund)

Rasmussen & Schoen on the Tea Party
Scott Rasmussen & Douglas Schoen, Mad As Hell; How the Tea Party Movement is Fundamentally Realigning Our Two Party System (Harper Collins)

Reinhart on Government Intervention in Economics
Vincent Reinhart, No Way Out? Government Intervention and the Financial Crisis (AEI Press)

Sabetti on Self Government
Fillipo Sabetti, Civilization and Self Government (Lexington)

Saldin on War, The American State, and Politics
Robert Saldin, War, The American State, and Politics Since 1898 (Cambridge University Press)

Schaller on Ronald Reagan
Michael Schaller, Ronald Reagan (Oxford University Press)

Shultziner on Democratic Progress
Dorin Shultziner, Struggling for Recognition: the Psychological Impetus for Democratic Progress (Continuum)

Skedinger on Employment Protection Legislation
Per Skedinger, Employment Protection Legislation: Evolution, Effects, Winners and Losers (Elgar)

Smil on the Energy Debate
Vaclav Smil, Energy Myths and Realities: Bringing Science into the Energy Debate (AEI Press)

Smil on America as the New Rome
Vaclav Smil, Why America is Not a New Rome (MIT Press)

Sowell on Dismantling America
Thomas Sowell, Dismantling America and other Controversial Essays (Basic Books)

Tebble & Meadowcroft on Hayek
Adam Tebble & John Meadowcroft, F.A Hayek (Continuum) 

Thorburn on Young Americans for Freedom
Wayne Thorburn, A Generaration Awakes: Young Americans for Freedom and the Creation of the Conservative Movement (Jameson Books)

Tomkins on Wilberforce
Stephen TomkinsThe Clapham Sect: How Wilberforce's Circle Transformed Britain (Lion)

Waison & Gora on Campaign Finance Reform
Peter Walison & Joel Gora, Better Parties, Better Government: A Realistic Program for Campaign Finance Reform (AEI Press)

Weicher on Housing Policy
John Weicher, Housing Policy at a Crossroads (AEI Press)

Wilson & Petersilia on Crime and Public Policy
James Q. Wilson & Joan Petersilia eds, Crime and Public Policy (Oxford University Press)

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