Hayek Fund for Scholars

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The Hayek Fund for Scholars awards grants of up to $750 to PhD students currently enrolled full-time in graduate school and junior, non-tenure track scholars advancing the principles of personal liberty and economic freedom through an academic career.

F.A. Hayek in the IHS Library ©IHS
F.A. Hayek in the IHS Library ©IHS

The awards are made available exclusively to applicants who have previously participated in an IHS academic program or have discussed their academic career with IHS staff.

The Fund can be used to cover travel, conference fees, and other career-related expenses. Eligible activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Presentations at academic or professional conferences
  • Travel to academic job interviews on a campus or at professional/academic conferences
  • Travel to archives or libraries for research
  • Participation in career-development or enhancing seminars
  • Submission of unpublished manuscripts to journals or book publishers

Please note, Hayek Fund awards cannot be used solely for attendance at conferences. Funding will only be considered for individuals presenting a paper or interviewing for a job at a conference.

How to Apply


Please note: Those applying to attend APEE in Cancun will only be considered for funding if they are not receiving support from the Young Scholars Program offered by the association, and can provide documentation.